Posters: If you need posters with the highest quality and brilliant colours then Duolynx is the place for you. We use archival inks* and acid-free papers in our large format poster printer. Our experienced staff has the expertise to make your posters come alive. We also have the capability to mount or laminate your posters for trade shows , store promotions, signage or special events.

*99 year archival behind glass


Banners: Announce your message to the world! Great for meetings, events, tradeshows, storefronts or corporate announcements. Short term? Long term? Is it a once-off or annual event? Maybe you have a sale or a product launch? Banners can easily be rolled up, transported and stored for easy, fast & effective signage. We can print on economical short term banner stock or highly durable long life quality finished banner stocks. Banners can even have hanging rope sewn into the top and bottom, eyelets (grommets) or pockets for fitting stakes or pickets. We have a solution for all your banner needs.