“I am happy to provide a business recommendation for Duolynx Design & Print.  I have been using the services of Duolynx for the past three years, including design and printing for my law firm and for two political campaigns.

In my experience, Katy and Kerri have been professional, available and cost effective.  They have assisted in the design and layout of my political campaign materials, from signage to brochures and have also redesigned the logo for my law firm.

Katy and Kerri go the extra mile.  They are creative, professional and dedicated to their clients.

I have no hesitation in recommending Duolynx for all of your design and print needs.”

Rebecca L. Darnell – Lawyer
Darnell & Company Law Office


“A dear business friend recommended the ladies from Duolynx a few years back and Katy & Kerri have been a huge help to my business branding, imagery and growth ever since.  They will treat you like family and fairly fulfill all your printing needs plus more.  I look forward to a long term friendship and business relationship, thank you for great service my lovely ladies :-)”

Cheryl Krecsy
Little White House & Co.


“Northwest Baptist Seminary has a range of publication types and we now publish them all through Duolynx.  We have been very happy with the work that Duolynx has done for us.  It has been done professionally and promptly and cheerfully.  Katy and Kerri have also been incredibly accommodating to our various publication schedules.  We would highly recommend Duolynx.”

Loren Warkentin, MTS
Registrar, Publications  & Alumni
Northwest Baptist Seminary


“A few years ago, the Line Contractors Association of BC decided to re-vamp its print and online image.  Our first thought was to do the work in-house.  After all, there are a lot of free, or nearly free tools, for designing business cards, logos, etc, and then have our work printed at a low-cost printer.  But we decided that our professional image was too important to slap something together ourselves.  We wanted to have it done professionally by company with the right skills and resources.  But we are a bit picky; so we considered many companies.  We were after excellent quality at the best possible price.  After getting some quotes from various companies around town and viewing their work, we chose Duolynx Design & Print.  This proved to an excellent choice:  the quality exceeded our expectations, and we even got the best price.   Duolynx took care of all our needs, including the design of our logo and even developed the tag lines that we now use to identify ourselves.  I was surprised Duolynx could come up with better tag lines that we ourselves could; but they did.  Duolynx delivers quickly and what they deliver, for us, is always exactly what we want.  I would expect others to receive the same excellent service that we receive, and so I recommend this company to anyone with print and design needs.”

Jeff Skosnik
Line Contractors Association of British Columbia


“We have been using Duolynx for over three years and have been extremely satisfied with the services and products they have supplied. We have recently moved and needed all new stationary including letterhead, cheques, envelopes, move notifications, promotional flyers and business cards which Duolynx supplied at very reasonable cost and in a very timely manner.

Also, we recently rebranded the organization in order to better reflect the changes we have experienced over the past decade. We worked together with our consultant and with Duolynx to develop what we think is a great product. We use the designs that Duolynx developed throughout our organization including our web site.

I recommend Duolynx to everyone that is looking for printing and design and everyone that has tried their services have been extremely satisfied. Kudos for making me look good!

Keep up the good work Katy and Kerri!”

Rod Wainwright
Lantrax Logistics Ltd.


“Victory Memorial Park Funeral Centre followed Katy and Kerri when they opened their new business in Langley. Since then we have used them for a variety of printing jobs and have been very happy with their services.   They have printed many types of business materials for us and all have been excellent quality and competitively priced.  I would not hesitate to recommend their services to my friends.  We wish the girls great success.”

Barbara Norman
Office Manager
Victory Memorial Park Funeral Centre


“I want to take a quick second and thank both Kerri & Katy for the exceptional service that is consistently provided by them! They are two of the hardest working, genuine people within the industry and they are always eager to please whether its a tight deadline, a last second change to a project or just a simple meet and greet at the main entrance when you get there! I appreciate the top notch service that I have received from day one and you guys have never let me down on any of the deadlines that I always seem to pressed for time with. I appreciate all the work that you have done for Surrey Cedar Ltd, past, present and future, and wish you nothing but the best and success for the future!”

Jim Merke
Project Manager
Surrey Cedar Ltd.