At Duolynx, we print cheques and manual cheques. Programs we work with are ACCPAC, QuickBooks, Sage (Simply) and many more. With a variety of security features and background colours to choose from! For no extra cost we will print your logo (in black ink standard form) on as well. Why not get your business done all in one place? Simply drop off or email a VOID cheque or if you are just starting out, your bank info and we do the rest. Easy. Contact us for more info on cheque orders.

For Manual (write on cheques) you can choose from our assortment of standard pantone colours which we print as gradient on your cheques or our Canadiana selection (whales etc) and for laser cheques we have amazing patterns like marble, waves and gradient with pantone colours like burgundy, green, 2 different blues, grey or brown to choose from! We can also print your company colours for an additional cost if your pantone colour is not a standard one.

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