There are many choices to bind your manuals, catalogues, booklets, guides and more with. The Duolynx team has years of experience in giving you the best suggestions for quality, professionalism, endurance and practicallity for which binding method would best suit your project.

Ring Binding: Drilled Sheets 3 hole or 2 hole, collated in ring binders.

Coil Binding: Spiral continuous wire or plastic looped through holes. Lays flat when full open for easy reading.

Cerlox Binding: Binds using a plastic comb (sometimes called comb binding) through punched slots along the edge/spine. Very economical.

Saddle Stitch: Stapling sheets together where they fold at the spine. Usually two staples in the midle of your publication. (I.e. magazines)

Thermal Binding: Also called tape binding (white or black linen tape usually) is a classy and neat presentation of materials with a plastic poly clear cover and linen or leatherette back, this form of binding is perfect for presentations or booklets that need that aesthetic appeal.

Post: Used for large format or large stacks of paper, the post/screw method of binding is not fancy as much as practical. We drill or punch 2 or 3 holes into your project and then fasten the posts to hold it together.